Julie Matheson
Lotus Flower Living is a way of life and an effective spiritual practice that shows you how to stop emotionally draining cycles of thought and behavior. As your spiritual coach, I gently guide you through a process to help you reconnect to your spirit so you can hear your true voice and act from your authentic self. In no time at all you will be fully equipped to create deep, lasting change on your own.

Welcome to Lotus Flower Living. I’m glad you’re here.

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Gratitude Changes Everything by Lotus Flower Living

A Natural High

My mom had a set of Rita Davenport tapes on success and time management that I used to listen to in my late teens. There was a small but powerful section in her program about gratitude. I forget what exactly she said that impressed me. Maybe it was the idea that gratitude changes everything or… Read More

Holiday Family Survival Guide by Lotus Flower Living

Holiday Family Survival Guide

Many people feel anxious about the holidays. Whether it is the unconscious urge to get love and approval from someone who simply can’t give it, the desire to feel safe in a situation that feels completely unsafe, or feeling bewildered by other people’s behavior and just wanting to keep the peace, the holidays have a… Read More

The Joy of Mentorship - A recap of my three-week healing arts mentorship. By lotusflowerliving.com

The Joy of Mentorship

I recently finished a three-week mentorship program I designed for our 20-year-old niece, a junior at Virginia Tech majoring in Psychology, who eventually wants to do something in the healing arts field, like me. She reached out last fall to share an email she was sending out to holistic therapists in her college town of… Read More