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Julie Matheson
Lotus Flower Living is a way of life and an effective spiritual practice that shows you how to stop emotionally draining cycles of thought and behavior. As your spiritual coach, I gently guide you through a process to help you reconnect to your spirit so you can hear your true voice and act from your authentic self. In no time at all you will be fully equipped to create deep, lasting change on your own.

Welcome to Lotus Flower Living. I’m glad you’re here.

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Friendship – State Your Claim

I remember as a 5th grader getting clear one day, stating, “I want my own best friend, and not just anyone, but someone perfect for me and me perfect for her.” I’m not sure if I had any one person in mind for this grand claim. However, there was in my homeroom that year a… Read more

Benefits of Self-Love

The Benefits of Self-Love

In our society, and perhaps in our world, we have it backwards. Our songs, movies and novels often speak to love as being found outside ourselves, and it is often implied that if we want love then we need to get someone else to love us and to ‘do’ the loving of us for us… Read more

Yes I love you

I love you and yes

This is what the Universe says whenever we have a thought about our life and ourselves. When we say, “I think life is good, fair and easy,” the Universe says, “Okay, you got it.” If we say, “I think I am smart, capable, and can handle what comes my way,” the Universe says, “Yes you… Read more