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Julie Matheson
Lotus Flower Living is a way of life and an effective spiritual practice that shows you how to stop emotionally draining cycles of thought and behavior. As your spiritual coach, I gently guide you through a process to help you reconnect to your spirit so you can hear your true voice and act from your authentic self. In no time at all you will be fully equipped to create deep, lasting change on your own.

Welcome to Lotus Flower Living. I’m glad you’re here.

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Hi, I'm Julie and I Clear Patterns

Hi, I’m Julie, and I Clear Patterns

We were out for a long walk on a recent Saturday afternoon when my friend, Lizzy, asked me, “How should I describe your work to others?” I love this question and, although it is not a simple answer, I will attempt to answer it here. First of all, when I tell people, “I clear patterns”… Read more

Familiar Doesn't Always Mean Healthy

Familiar Doesn’t Always Mean Healthy

Often in a session, I will ask clients if they were closer with one of their parents than the other. Or, I ask if one parent was tougher for them to connect with than the other. Invariably, I hear them say, “Yes, my mom and I weren’t close”, or “My dad and I didn’t get… Read more

Looking at Life through the Lens of Patterning by

Looking at Life Through the Lens of Patterning

As a healing arts practitioner who is focused on helping clients deeply change patterns of behavior they wish they didn’t have, I find myself often looking at life through the lens of patterning. I’m always saying things like, “Hmmm, I wonder what is behind that thinking?” Or inquiring, “What past events is that behavior rooted… Read more