Julie Matheson
Lotus Flower Living is a way of life and an effective spiritual practice that shows you how to stop emotionally draining cycles of thought and behavior. As your spiritual coach, I gently guide you through a process to help you reconnect to your spirit so you can hear your true voice and act from your authentic self. In no time at all you will be fully equipped to create deep, lasting change on your own.

Welcome to Lotus Flower Living. I’m glad you’re here.

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Know Your Patterns - Set Yourself Free

Know Your Patterns – Set Yourself Free

Patterns are any repeating thought, feeling or behavior that you would like to change. Everyone has patterns they wish they didn’t have; that is, some way of thinking or behaving that needs consideration. Whether it is negative self-talk or relationship issues or health concerns, we all have patterns. This is normal. Yet how well do… Read More

I'm Sorry Already, Lotus Flower Living

I’m Sorry Already

With such an edgy title, this post could be about so many things. Yet it is simply about how to say, “I’m sorry” and really mean it. It is about why a pure apology can be so healing and why it is vital these words be spoken from the heart. The concept, it seems, that… Read More

A Challenge for Your Beautiful Mind

I read a story once of a woman whose husband came home drunk every night. She committed to imagining her life peaceful and functional; and while sitting in her favorite chair waiting for him to arrive home, lovingly imagining the highest expression of her own behavior. What happened was this vision changed her. Her new… Read More