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Julie Matheson

A Challenge for Your Beautiful Mind

I read a story once of a woman whose husband came home drunk every night. She committed to imagining her life peaceful and functional; and while sitting in her favorite chair waiting for him to arrive home, lovingly imagining the highest expression of her own behavior. What happened was this vision changed her. Her new mindset changed the way she responded to his behavior, and the shift in her in turn affected him. Miraculously, her husband started coming home sober and their life together completely transformed.

I’ve heard that people with multiple personalities have different health issues depending on which personality is currently active. One personality might have diabetes while another is diabetes-free.

Whether or not these stories are true, the amazing power of the subconscious mind is tried, true and well documented. Studies show many kinds of pills as effective for no other reason than the power of suggestion alone.

The Amazing Power of the Subconscious Mind by

Years ago, I was at an Energy Psychology Conference where Joe Dispenza was speaking about metaphysics, manifestation, and the subconscious mind. He posed this question: How many of you take a moment to imagine your perfect day before you get out of bed each morning? This talk was to a group of practitioners who use this philosophy as a basis for their practices. Surprisingly, not too many hands went up. Such a simple thing to do, especially for people who teach this stuff.

Joe went on to give a mind-blowing presentation, and I was left with the feeling that we are all standing on a gold mine but not cashing in the gold. We are sitting at a festive banquet table, but are not picking up the fork to eat. Why is this?

Well, either we don’t fully believe it, we forget to use it, or maybe we have forgotten how powerful we are.

So how would you do this in everyday life? Maybe you want to lose weight, so you will start the day by imagining how you look and feel in your new slender body. If you want to improve a health issue, you will imagine your life free of that dis-ease. If you want more money, you will enjoy the vision of having greater financial flow.

Whatever is desired, you imagine it until you are filled with the joy of it, as though it already exists. And you keep doing it until you actually experience it. This might sound like effort, yet there are easy and fun ways to do this, too.

A few years ago I cut out a picture of a home I saw in a magazine. I put it on the inside of a cupboard door and saw it each time I opened the door. One day after we had purchased a home in Boise, my husband pointed to that picture. “Did you notice how much our new home looks like the house in your picture? – The welcoming porch, craftsman design, cozy yard, and especially the pink color!” he said. I replied, “Wow! Amazing!” Even though I know this stuff works, it’s always a thrill each time it happens.

The remarkable thing about that experience is how little effort it took. I merely cut out a picture I loved and taped it to a cupboard door. My subconscious mind and the co-creative nature of the Universe did the rest.

Jim and Suzy

Jim hugging Suzy, Nov. 2008

So here’s the challenge for you and your beautiful mind: What magical event would you like to have happen? Can you find a simple picture of it and place it where you see it frequently? It can work for anything. Maybe you want whiter teeth – find a picture of a beautiful smile. Or, maybe you want to be in a loving relationship – find a picture of a couple in love. My friend Suzy did this. She put up a picture I snapped of my husband hugging her tight, and every time she looked at it, she said, “I believe I have my version of that.” And now she does! His name is Bill; they live in Arizona and are very much in love.

If you take this challenge, we all would like to celebrate when your desire comes true. Please post your story in the comments section below. Tell us your desire, the picture you used, and how long it took to come true.

If you have a desire you’ve worked on for years that has not manifested yet, get in touch with me for a session so we can get things moving for you.

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About the author: Julie Matheson is a holistic counselor helping clients create permanent change one pattern at a time through her guided writing process and energy clearing work.

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