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Julie Matheson


Julie Matheson - Lotus Flower LivingWe all want to feel comfortable in our own skin, to feel balanced, peaceful and productive, to feel connected and to have an honest and easy flow out with others. When life doesn’t feel this way, we know it. We know something is off, yet the way to peace, balance and best right action may elude us.

This is because the obvious is not so obvious when we are operating from patterns of thought that are so ingrained in us we can’t notice the inconsistencies and opposing ideas contained in these patterns. If our thinking is contradictory, circular and, in some cases, demeaning, our behavior will not return the results we would like to have, leaving us feeling confused and frustrated. Yet because these ways of thinking are so familiar to us, trying to understand what isn’t working is like trying to explain water to a fish.

What we believe, think and feel influences our actions, as well as our mental and physical health. So to change our behaviors, we want to change the way we think. To change the way we think, we need to discover the beliefs behind our thinking. There is a pattern of thinking behind everything that we do, whether we are aware of it or not. Behind every behavior there is a “logic” from which we are operating, a logic that made sense to us when this way of thinking and behaving was first established. Now, as adults, we may wish to reevaluate what we came to believe about our lives and ourselves, to make sure these beliefs are actually working for our highest good. Once we discover these beliefs and/or misperceptions and how all the pieces fit together for a given issue, our thinking and behavior naturally shift, for as we see the “bigger picture,” our true sense of logic kicks in and refutes the old “logic.” We then find ourselves making conscious choices based on sound principles which lead to clearer thinking, wiser actions, better interactions with others and ultimately more ease and joy.

Lotus Flower Living combines intention-setting and affirmative prayer with neuro-linguistic programming and inner child work, guided by the frameworks of the Enneagram and the Chakra System. In the more advanced phases of this work, we inventory and evaluate the specific beliefs tied to an issue and the way those beliefs are cycling around and feeding into each other. Identifying the entire pattern and the way it operates is key to transforming it.

If you are new to inner healing work, you will first need to learn more about your particular areas of concern. I will help you learn and apply tools for discovering yourself more deeply. Regardless of where you are on your healing path, all levels of this work are gentle, inspiring, thought provoking and will get the energy in your life moving in a positive direction.

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