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Julie Matheson

Thank You Notes

My two sessions with Julie were better than all of the therapy sessions I’ve been to in my lifetime…combined! Thank you for all of your heartfelt wisdom and guidance! You truly have a gift!

S.H.Houston, TX

Julie is extremely dedicated to her practice and works with you with full heart and openness. She is also very grounded and in touch with reality, and would help you like your best friend to choose the right direction. With her help I was able to resolve my deeply tangled problems of the past and also deal with some of life’s most terrifying challenges. There was so much healing and peace as if I were back to being not just a carefree child, but rather a superchild, who has nothing to worry about and everything to enjoy. Her amazing attitude made me more and more enthusiastic about getting the most out of the meetings. More than just solving problems, I walked out of our meetings full of inspiration and excitement to do amazing things. And, I did do amazing things afterwards, and then shared with her! It was very cool to have someone like Julie who can be so supportive in such simple ways. My work with her has made a huge difference in my life.

A.P.Allston, MA

“I’ve worked with therapists before but Julie is the perfect blend of spiritual counsel and practical life coaching. She helped me to get to the root of my lack of self-esteem and self-worth… something I probably could not have done on my own. During our sessions, we get to the root of the problem quickly but organically and then she gives me tools and techniques to heal it.

I needed someone who could help me understand my empathic and HSP-like tendencies and then guide me with practical resources, tools and affirmations to help me manage my emotions. Julie is that person. She guided me towards understanding exactly how my past and my thought patterns were influencing my present experiences. She helped me see how my relationships were influencing my self-esteem and guided me to shift my conversations, both with myself and others.

More recently, I felt overwhelmed by the devastating events in the Orlando mass shooting and after a single session with her, I went from feelings of pain and suffering to empowerment… with a healthier perspective that keeps me alert and aware but also protects me. What I love about working with Julie is that her top priority for each meeting is your self-care. You feel totally grounded and fully supported when you’re in her presence. She asks questions, truly listens, and sets an intention for each meeting. I will recommend to her to anyone looking for spiritual or life guidance.”

A.R.Boston, MA

“I just love your insight, compassion, and wisdom. You are better than any therapist I’ve ever had and we get to the heart of the problem really quickly. Grateful for your help. Thank you.”

T.E.Fairfax, CA

“Your work has progressed since our last session because it seemed directed at an amazing level – and it put me in a position to find answers much more beyond the time we actually spent.”

S.T.Cambridge, MA

“Oh Julie, I wish I had a way to express to you how much clarity and further clearing you enabled last night. This morning I had such powerful writing and understanding – what we have done in the past two weeks and last year pulled away all the tangled underbrush and allowed me to really see the landscape of false perceptions – to see truths and understand pains so very deeply camouflaged in layers and layers of false belief patterns. It is almost overwhelming to lift my vision and see but it is instead scarily freeing because I actually can see the truth. I feel alive and awake and ‘allowed’ in a way I only barely remember feeling before in this lifetime. There truly are no words to properly describe this and words are so very short of the enormous gratitude I have for this gift you have given me.”

A.T.Pittsburgh, PA

“The impossible happened. I am now on a better path to a relationship with my family after a year of estrangement. I was terrified to confront the issues but counseling showed me I did not cause the pain and yet my careful actions could heal it. The most important lesson learned was to always speak my truth and to speak it from my heart. You gave me the space and encouragement to use every piece of advice in a way that worked best for me. Truly, it feels like a miracle has happened here because it has.”

H.K.Columbus, Ohio

“Other therapists just listened. Thanks for taking the risks you take.”

S.D.Woburn, MA

“This has been quite a learning process for me. I’m now seeing things for what they truly are and I’m not reacting like I used to. My husband notices a big difference in my behavior.”

E.N.Somerville, MA

“Thank you for seeing the good in me when I couldn’t see it in myself.”

J.M.Lexington, MA

“Sometimes you say things to me that others have tried to say. I couldn’t hear it from them but for some reason, with you, I can hear it and use the information. You’ve shown me what to do with it. Maybe that’s the difference.”

K.D.Tampa, FL 

“All I know is that I came to you feeling completely distraught and upset and I left feeling peaceful and able to breathe.”

L.K.Lexington, MA

“After our last session, I felt so free, I dreamt I was flying. Sitting at the wedding, I thought about what you said about grace. I sat there enjoying the whole thing without any guilt. Everything seemed right in the world. I was able to see things more clearly. Thank you so much!”

L.W.Arlington, MA

“[ ] enjoyed her session with you. They all do. [The clients I send to you] always tell me that you are gentle and safe. Thought you should know.”

H.Z.Swampscott, MA

“Thank you so much for all your wisdom, guidance and support this year. I can’t begin to express how much it has meant. You are a huge blessing in my life.”

R.S.Arlington, MA

“My session with you was invaluable to me. I had several key epiphanies about my behavior; this is the beginning of changing a very old and unhealthy pattern for me.”

M.H.Chicago, IL

“My confidence is back and I see a GOOD future. Thank you. There is a lot of love in what you do.”

J.A.Woburn, MA

“I’m getting paid well to do exactly what I want to do because Julie said, ‘Write it down!'”

J.L.Brooksville, MD

“My top core fear was once of not being loved, although, thinking about it…failure may have been number one… I’d say I’m less scared of life in general these days, thanks to you and getting to ‘The Heart of the Matter’!!!”

E.S.San Francisco, CA

“Thank you for being a constant source of support and inspiration as I wade through the recovery process.”

J.E.Cambridge, MA