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Julie Matheson

Can We Talk?

Can we talk?

In intimate relationships clear communication helps each person to feel heard, understood and respected. Clear communication allows two people to be on the same wavelength, to be productive, and to move their lives along. Unfortunately, sometimes the flow of communication gets derailed when one person accuses the other for causing their feelings, especially their painful… Read more

Higher Unity – The Connected Heart Always Knows

Higher Unity - The Connected Heart Always Knows

You can never really say anything behind someone’s back without him or her knowing it. And, here’s why. It has to do with our connection to our higher self and soul. So, you have your personality, which is connected to your higher self and your high self is connected to your own beloved soul. Your… Read more

Perception Isn’t Reality When It Comes to Trauma

Perception Isn't Reality When it Comes to Trauma

Our niece has a rescue-dog named Jack. Jack was neglected and abused before he came to live with her. Although she has had him about five years, he still cowers and does a timid, army-crawl toward her when she approaches him. Even though she is consistently kind to him he still isn’t completely sure that… Read more

Tapping Into Possibility, On Any Topic

Tapping Into Possibilities, On Any Topic

Whether we realize it or not we are always playing with possibility. Every thought we think has the potential to lead to something new, exciting and different. Where you focus your thoughts matters. And, what you believe is possible for you matters even more. [Tweet “Whether we realize it or not, we are always playing… Read more

I Love You (So what does that mean?)

What is love?

I grew up with two different expressions of what love meant. One was a natural love. I didn’t need to earn it. There were boundaries, of course, and guidance, wisdom and mentoring. There was support and care. The other version could sometimes feel a bit scary, with-holding of approval, and also at times, competitive. Additionally… Read more

The Gift of Contrast in Goal Setting

Contrast in Goal Setting

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.” F. Scott Fitzgerald When I am trying to achieve something new in my life, I must first arrive somewhere new in my own mind. I have to… Read more

Friendship – State Your Claim


I remember as a 5th grader getting clear one day, stating, “I want my own best friend, and not just anyone, but someone perfect for me and me perfect for her.” I’m not sure if I had any one person in mind for this grand claim. However, there was in my homeroom that year a… Read more

The Benefits of Self-Love

Benefits of Self-Love

In our society, and perhaps in our world, we have it backwards. Our songs, movies and novels often speak to love as being found outside ourselves, and it is often implied that if we want love then we need to get someone else to love us and to ‘do’ the loving of us for us… Read more

I love you and yes

Yes I love you

This is what the Universe says whenever we have a thought about our life and ourselves. When we say, “I think life is good, fair and easy,” the Universe says, “Okay, you got it.” If we say, “I think I am smart, capable, and can handle what comes my way,” the Universe says, “Yes you… Read more

Take the Leap. You will be glad you did.

Take the leap

Many years ago I sat in a co-dependency support group listening to the group leader explain how patterns from childhood repeat. She explained that the painful situation we found ourselves in then had started with patterns in our childhood, which caused us to recreate what was familiar to us in adult life. I looked around… Read more