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Julie Matheson

For the Young and In Love When a Relationship Ends


This is a tender time for you. My heart goes out to you. I have been there, too, and I want to ease your discomfort in any way I can because I know how it feels. My biggest concern for someone in your shoes is what new beliefs about yourself are forming now because of… Read more

Ocean scene

How often do you allow yourself to play with ideas about what is possible for your life? Have you ever imagined life differently and wished for something new? Have you ever caught yourself starting to dream and then something within you tells you, “No, it’s not possible, don’t dream it?” Without realizing it, I’ve done… Read more

Hi, I’m Julie, and I Clear Patterns

Hi, I'm Julie and I Clear Patterns

We were out for a long walk on a recent Saturday afternoon when my friend, Lizzy, asked me, “How should I describe your work to others?” I love this question and, although it is not a simple answer, I will attempt to answer it here. First of all, when I tell people, “I clear patterns”… Read more

Familiar Doesn’t Always Mean Healthy

Familiar Doesn't Always Mean Healthy

Often in a session, I will ask clients if they were closer with one of their parents than the other. Or, I ask if one parent was tougher for them to connect with than the other. Invariably, I hear them say, “Yes, my mom and I weren’t close”, or “My dad and I didn’t get… Read more

Looking at Life Through the Lens of Patterning

Looking at Life through the Lens of Patterning by

As a healing arts practitioner who is focused on helping clients deeply change patterns of behavior they wish they didn’t have, I find myself often looking at life through the lens of patterning. I’m always saying things like, “Hmmm, I wonder what is behind that thinking?” Or inquiring, “What past events is that behavior rooted… Read more

What I Believe

One of the things that bothered me in childhood was the teaching that if I didn’t believe a certain way, I would surely go, you know…to the bad place. I didn’t want to be scared or coerced into believing a certain way. Many people claim to know the truth, but all too often beliefs are… Read more

Healing A Lifetime in A Moment

Healing a Lifetime in a Moment by

Wouldn’t it be great if it were possible to heal a lifetime in a moment?! Unless Enlightenment strikes us, the other option is finding a process that works, employing a little focused effort to clear one pattern at a time, and doing it over and over for each pattern we have. In fact, this is… Read more

Awakening is for Everyone

What's the difference between an awakening and enlightenment? As I see it now, awakening is more in our immediate grasp and has a more contained scope. We are here to evolve and being here helps us evolve. |

How does it sound to you when someone uses the word awakening? I used to get a bit tweaked whenever I heard someone use this word. I thought they were using “awakening” in place of “enlightenment,” yet now I see the difference between the two words and actually appreciate that one can lead to the… Read more

Looking Back To Move Forward

Looking Back to Move Forward by

Every once in a while I will hear about some healing modality that promises easy emotional transformation without pain, or without having to revisit the trauma from the past. When someone offers a “no pain” with “lots of gain” approach I say, hmmm, I’m not so sure about that. The grist that creates revelations is… Read more

Know Your Patterns – Set Yourself Free

Know Your Patterns - Set Yourself Free

Patterns are any repeating thought, feeling or behavior that you would like to change. Everyone has patterns they wish they didn’t have; that is, some way of thinking or behaving that needs consideration. Whether it is negative self-talk or relationship issues or health concerns, we all have patterns. This is normal. Yet how well do… Read more