Lotus Flower Living

A journaling practice for
deep discovery and lasting peace

Untangle Your Mind and Heart Once and For All

By Julie Matheson

Lotus Flower Living Book

Get to the heart of the matter, free up precious energy, and awaken the hidden wisdom and power in every issue you have ever wished to change.

There are some who are here to rock their emotional and spiritual growth this lifetime. Those who can accomplish what they came here to do. You are likely one of them. 

Perhaps you are just discovering how capable you are to awaken emotionally and spiritually. All you need now is a spiritual tool that works every time for every issue you have.

Lotus Flower Living offers a step-by-step spiritual practice that helps you deeply transform literally any limiting emotional, spiritual, or troubling thought or behavioral pattern you wish to change.

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When you untangle your mind and heart you…

Come to know yourself in a new, deep and personal way

Discover truths your mind can no longer argue with

Find compassion for yourself and others

Awaken a natural appreciation for the precious life you live

Gain clearer perception and see things for what they are

Raise your self-esteem and upgrade the way you give and receive

Feel more secure and stop the worry cycle

Become less reactive and set better boundaries 

Naturally make healthier choices and open doors to new opportunities

Experience a sense of arrival, completion and true success

Lotus Flowers

In Lotus Flower Living you will be guided through…

How to completely stop the pain-regret cycle caused by so many patterns of thought and behavior.

How to release an entire, self-reinforcing, interrelated system of limiting thoughts and beliefs, replacing them with life-affirming, supportive beliefs that have staying power, without using willpower.

How to gently fine-tune your entire belief system to make sure you are continuously attracting the highest and best life experiences you can possibly create.

Lotus Flower Living
Lotus Flower Living Book

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Deeply honoring to your mind and heart, Lotus Flower Living helps you to identify, balance and clear out an entire pattern of thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors in one self-healing session simply using pen and paper.

Reader Reviews…

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"When I come back in my next life, I’m going to look for this book. No need to bury my patterns until they are unrecognizable to myself – I’ll start journaling my way to authenticity as a young person and never quit. And in the meantime, I'll be unraveling one self-defeating behavior at a time with the help of Julie Matheson's book and my own highest desires and intentions."

Stuart Horwitz, Author of The Book Architecture Trilogy

Purple Lotus Flower

"Julie Matheson illuminates the healing path with powerful, guided writing prompts for those who truly want to change. Her gentle presence and strong, steady support make for a constant guiding light from start to finish."

Susan Hagen, Co-author, Women Ground Zero: Stories of Courage and Compassion

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"I was only going to write a sentence or two for each prompt, yet I was awestruck. When I finished, I had pages and pages filled with buried thoughts and missteps. The light flooded in as each layer was revealed in my notes. I am delighted to report this process works. It is powerful to say the least. Julie’s voice is uniquely her own, tender but firm. This book is filled with her heart and she embraces you, the reader, as you explore the possibilities she sets forth. Her readers will hold this book close for years to come."   

C. Susan Nunn, Author of Song of the Earth – Teacher and Editor

Purple Lotus Flower

"This teaching is so important and is presented in such an understandable way. Our lives would be completely different if we all learned this earlier in life. It’s like finding the wisdom of the ages, not unlike discovering the Dead Sea Scrolls and wishing we’d had this teaching all along."

Pam Niland, Spiritual Teacher and Student

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"This process works! I received many insights into myself and released a lot of restrictive energy that was weighing on me that I didn’t even know was there. Afterward, my body felt so different – most noticeably was how open and expansive my chest felt. I had released so much energy my whole body said, ‘thank you!’ The shift I felt was a powerful reminder to pay more attention to all of me…my body, mind and spirit."

Debbie Dalrymple, Creator, Publisher and Editor of HedraNews, a healthy living & spiritual growth newspaper

A Message from Julie Matheson, Author, Lotus Flower Living...

Julie Matheson, Author of Lotus Flower Living

My intention in writing this book is to share a true path to emotional peace and freedom that works deeply and gently, getting to the heart of the matter where the issue lives, bridging the gap from where you are now to where you want to be.

When I discovered this approach to healing and created this practice I couldn’t help but address every issue I had. I didn’t know then that it would lead to a lasting feeling of peace and bliss…the lotus flower.  I just desperately wanted to stop the inner-struggle.

You are likely not as far away from awakening to bliss as you might think. Whether you have one or many issues you seek to transform, this practice can lead you closer to the lotus flower. That is, living life securely, and more consistently, connected to the harmonious, balanced power of your own sweet soul. 

Don’t spend one more day struggling. It’s senseless. You don’t need to.

It’s time to heal now. You can do this!

Is this you? Can you relate?

  1. You are spiritually oriented and have a burning desire to heal your life in a lasting way. You understand that your thoughts, feelings and beliefs contribute to your experiences, and you are willing to explore them.
  1. You have a painful pattern of thought, feeling, behavior, belief, or a health issue, that you would like to completely transform, and you are willing to do the inner work to change it. If you tend to blame other people and circumstances instead of looking within, this may not be the spiritual practice that’s right for you at this time. 
  1. You are ready to commit to a practice that can dramatically change your worldview, habits, patterns, the way you think, believe, live and love.

Before now, no one has ever put steps together in a way that allows your mind to gently release an entire pattern of interrelated and self-reinforcing limiting thoughts and beliefs at once.

Book Overview

If you can...

Identify an issue that bothers you,

Name your feelings about it, and

Trace those feelings back to original thoughts,

...You can do this lasting, inner-work.

Lotus Flower Living

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Lotus Flower Living Book

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Lotus Flowers

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Lotus Flower Living is your birthright. 

You can do this. Your time is now.