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Julie Matheson

Hi, I’m Julie, and I Clear Patterns

Hi, I'm Julie and I Clear Patterns

We were out for a long walk on a recent Saturday afternoon when my friend, Lizzy, asked me, “How should I describe your work to others?” I love this question and, although it is not a simple answer, I will attempt to answer it here.

First of all, when I tell people, “I clear patterns”, most people do not know what the heck I mean. If I said, “I’m a therapist” that would be a familiar category to place me in and you’d have a general idea of what I do. However, my unusual line of work involves identifying a specific pattern of thought, behavior and belief, and assisting clients to completely clear it out in a lasting way that can be seen and felt relatively quickly. This is more along the line of energy work and clearing work, but those terms are not widely well known.

While the work is very direct, we have to be gentle and careful. Our psyches are delicate and some issues can be painful. I have a theory that everyone is sensitive, not just a given few. When it comes to certain patterns, we all have sensitive spots that we protect, compensate for and cope with. When we endeavor to identify an on-going issue, and put a little time into discovering how, why and what exactly we are protecting, a miracle happens.

When we can identify the way the same issue repeats we can capture its essence, harmonize it and clear it out. Any issue, in fact, that you can identify as a problem can be addressed as a pattern and can be cleared energetically. The key lies with keeping the work streamlined as in… This is the issue, this is how I think and talk to myself about it, and this is how life plays out for me time and time again.

A client said to me once, “What you do is the truth. You help me face the truth in myself and then beneath that I can see the deeper truth, the real truth.”

I do this through a writing process I teach. However, it is not really “writing” per se, as much as it is you and me jotting notes on paper to keep track of the many facets of the issue we’re addressing. We scribble notes in order to keep track of the depth and breadth of the issue to see the many ways the pattern keeps us going in circles with it.

Can anyone do this?

While there isn’t a soul alive who doesn’t have some issue they wish to heal – we all have something – not everyone is ready to let go of a particular way of being in the world. When you clear a pattern, it changes you deeply and not everyone is ready for that shift. Clearing patterns is like a small death and rebirth every time, and there is divine right timing involved in this. Sometimes a person needs a certain painful lesson to keep playing out until they become ready enough to let it go.

I used to think that only people who had previously been in therapy could do this work. Then one day a new client surprised me. While she had no previous therapy experience, she was an impressively keen, self-observer. In her case, we were able to clear her pattern in one session, which is rare but possible.

How is this approach different from traditional therapy?

One time I looked at an office to rent, being offered by a traditional therapist who was familiar with clearing work, and I asked her this very question. She said, “I think practitioners like you get to the point a lot faster. In traditional therapy we are taught to listen and ask question but not to push too hard.”

I do believe there is a time for traditional therapy, a time for talking and being heard. Then there comes a time to be done with something, to finish it, to make sure that at some point before the end of your life, you complete the emotional themes you wanted to explore this lifetime. Personally, I am kept awake each time a new pattern is ready to be addressed. When it comes to my human patterning, I want to address it here in this lifetime before I leave. Don’t you feel that urge, too?

I just want you to know, in case you don’t already, radical transformation is entirely possible and there is an approach that has been tried and true that works. You can actually transform your life with paper and pen and a few jotted notes. I’d love to show you how.

Julie Matheson - Lotus Flower Living

About the author: Julie Matheson is a holistic counselor helping clients create permanent change one pattern at a time through her guided writing process and energy clearing work.

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