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Julie Matheson

I love you and yes

Yes I love you

This is what the Universe says whenever we have a thought about our life and ourselves. When we say, “I think life is good, fair and easy,” the Universe says, “Okay, you got it.” If we say, “I think I am smart, capable, and can handle what comes my way,” the Universe says, “Yes you are, and yes you can.”

Conversely, when we say to ourselves, “I believe the world is unsafe, unfair and scary” then the Universe says yes as well, and we end up having personal experiences that reflect these beliefs.

Whatever we believe, think, say and do is the energy-vibration we put out, and that vibration contributes to our experiences. It is both a simple and profound set-up. Life honors our thoughts, beliefs and free will; and it does this every day, no matter whether we accept this spiritual idea, (aka the law of cause and effect) or not.

For those of us who accept it, the door is open to create magic in our lives on every level, every day. We can use this understanding to create untold benefits and a life of flow, ease and grace. For those who may not yet accept this, that is okay, too. However, this doesn’t stop the Universe from listening, responding and mirroring back the vibration we
hold as true.

The law of cause and effect works for everyone equally, objectively and impartially. Anyone can tap in, bring their understanding to it and use this spiritual law to their loving advantage. In fact, we are meant to do this. This is us living a skilled life. So how can we consciously enjoy this powerful, positive, works-for-everyone equally, spiritual law?

1. We acknowledge that the energy network that makes it possible for us to think of someone right before they call, or to know when a loved one is in danger, or to pick up on the mood of someone who just entered the room, is a similar energy network that thoughts and emotions travel through to interact with the law of cause and effect.

2. We center in on our most loving, accepting, anything is possible frame of reference. We allow ourselves to recall a time in our life when we felt joy, ease and grace; we tap into the energy of neutrality, generosity and wide-open allowance. This is the same vibration of the law of cause and effect. It is the same energy as I Love You and Yes. When we find this allowing place inside our self, we tap into our inner power, and the energetic field of the All Possible.

3. We realize that the Universe loves a crystal clear intention and is happy to respond to it. We repeat as many times as we need to…anything is possible. It is easy to be co-creative with the energy of I Love You and Yes. I do it all the time without knowing it, and today I am doing it consciously by getting clear on what I most want to experience.

4. We then get clear about what we most want to experience. We imagine it. We step into it as though it already does exist. We take ourselves to the place in our hearts where what we desire is so real it feels like it is already done. We feel the joy of it. We daydream about the reality of it and when we arrive at the most satisfying feeling of having it, we say, That’s it! I claim this! And, then add the words, I claim this or something better, or whatever is for my highest good…. So that the Universe can bring us
something even more refined, and perfectly tailored just for us; potentially something surprisingly better than what we are even imagining.

5. Now that we have set the energy in motion and have kept an open mind, all that is left to do is to bask in the feeling of gratitude as if we are already living it, staying present with it, saying I am grateful to have this. I am grateful for _________.

6. Best of all… We release our intention without attachment to the outcome knowing we do NOT have to figure out HOW it will happen. In fact, it works best if we don’t engage our minds with the how-to. We just let it go and trust that we did, in fact, triumphantly put the energy in motion.

When our intention is pure, and our belief is strong, all we need to do is recognize our desire when it shows up, and gratefully receive it. Then we say to the Universe,

I love YOU and yes, TOO.*

*I love you and yes was a phrase offered years ago by my dear friend Juelle Wilkins.

Julie Matheson - Lotus Flower Living

About the author: Julie Matheson is a holistic counselor helping clients create permanent change one pattern at a time through her guided writing process and energy clearing work.

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