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Julie Matheson

In This Energy So Much Is Possible

Many of us have noticed a shift in energy intensity in the past several years. I hear people talk about how much faster their desires manifest, or they are noticing a spike in their sensitivities or that their emotional connections with others are heightened or that connecting to the spiritual realms is easier. In spiritual circles we refer to this change as the arrival of the heaven on earth energy. For years we talked about it anchoring and now the conversation has shifted to actually learning how to work with it.

In this stepped-up, higher-frequency, more light-filled energy, our intentions are brought to fruition quicker, as are our fears. Nothing can hide in this energy. If something is off, we notice it more readily and we are more quickly irritated by it as well. Which is also a sign our self-respect, and standards for what we will allow, are on the rise.

This loving, benevolent heaven on earth energy has caused quite the shake-up for lower frequency thoughts and behaviors. Although from a spiritual perspective there is no judgment about higher or lower frequencies being better or worse: every level of energy has its place and purpose in the world. It is just that a newer, higher frequency of energy has arrived, and although the rules are still the same – cause and effect, as in what comes around goes around, and karma, still apply – what’s different is, this higher energy requires us to be even more responsible and accountable for our intentions, thoughts and behaviors than ever before. It is as if the same rules apply yet the stakes have risen.

We simply can’t get away with things like we could before. Where before a person might have been able to get away with pretending not to know any better, now with this higher consciousness, outmoded beliefs, thoughts and behaviors appear glaringly unsustainable. This energy only supports energy that is like it, so the lower vibes are getting pushed out by default.

So what can we do? How do we live in this energy, work with it and actually enjoy and flow with the promised joy of it? Here are five suggestions:

  1. Notice results: We can identify our thoughts and resulting feelings and notice the cause and effect flow out. What did you think and then what happened? For years I kept a cause and effect journal where I noted what I thought/intended and how things turned out. The trick is not to judge. Awareness will happen naturally.
  2. Set boundaries: Not all feelings are ours. Therefore, we can choose to have better emotional boundaries. Establishing boundaries is easier said than done, yet try this: next time you have an undesirable feeling, ask the question is this mine? Then note the answer. If it is yours, name the feeling and the thought that caused it. Then ask, is this true? If it is not yours, you might say something like this isn’t mine, I release it and I call back my own loving energy to take its place.
  3. Name what you want: Take your own co-creation abilities for a spin, starting with figuring out what you most want and need right now. Many of us have gotten good at making gratitude lists and know how powerful this can be. Periodically I like to make an I want list, whereby I spontaneously list everything that comes to mind from healing a relationship to a new pair of warm, comfy socks. Inevitably something surprising pops out, that I can immediately act on.
  4. Seek support: If you have never had the experience of coming together with a skilled practitioner, both of you focused on something for which you have decided to heal or change, I am happy to share that it can be both liberating and fun. I notice an immediately shift in my energy the minute I make the call to try someone new. It is as if the issue I’m dealing with takes a deep breath and says, oh good, you are going to take care of me now.
  5. Embrace it: Intend to enjoy this new energy. Know that it is here, and choose to work with it. Marvel at all the stuff it is kicking up everywhere and know that it is all happening for our own evolution. These are exciting times. Despite appearances, joy is here. It is up to us to partake in it.

It may be true that we have not been celebrating this energy as much as we are still learning how to live and work with it.   However, at some point it is time for us to engage and enjoy this loving, co-creative, peace-bringing energy.

Welcome Heaven on Earth Energy. We are glad you are here.

Julie Matheson - Lotus Flower Living

About the author: Julie Matheson is a holistic counselor helping clients create permanent change one pattern at a time through her guided writing process and energy clearing work.

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