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Julie Matheson

Are We a Good Fit?

Clients come to me with all levels of awareness and skills, so please don’t let this list deter you. This is merely a quick guide for what I’ve found to be a good, natural fit. Does this list describe you? I’d love to know.


  • are sensitive and sensing, and pick up on things most other people miss.
  • are honest, sweet, kind, gentle and punctual.
  • feel connected to your own spirit yet yearn for a deeper, truer connection.
  • have an affinity for the mystical side of life. Are curious about metaphysical and/or spiritual concepts. Maybe you believe in angels.
  • sometimes need help putting your deeper truth into words.
  • have a strong desire to evolve your life. Specifically, you have an earnestness to be more aware of what you bring to your life coupled with a willingness to take emotional risks.
  • have the capacity to be emotionally responsible for your own life and all you have created thus far. (If you struggle with this, welcome to the Human Club – I can assist you with this. True empowerment comes from seeing your part in things, and seeing how you have the power to shift the dynamic.)
  • are open and able to trust intuitive guidance from yourself and others, or are willing to learn how to be more open and trusting of such things.
  • have some prior experience with one-on-one inner work with a practitioner or therapist. Not a showstopper if you don’t have this, but it sometimes helps us get started more quickly if you do.
  • have a tendency toward natural approaches over fix-the-symptoms traditional medicine. (Because this tells me you aren’t into the artificial, but rather, prefer real solutions.)
  • feel ready to make a long-term commitment to your inner work and/or have some core life issues that no longer serve you, which you are ready to change. (Clients typically work with me for about 2.5 years on average, on an every other week or once a month basis.)
  • feel ready to commit to and maintain your own spiritual practices such as journaling, meditation and prayer.

I am…

  • living the principles I teach. I have the skills I have because they have been tried and true in my own life first. I have my own dedicated spiritual program that I consistently work and evolve.
  • naturally spiritually smart. I understand the way the world works, spiritually and otherwise.
  • intuitively gifted and can tune into what other people are feeling and thinking and help them nail down the thoughts that run through their minds so we can get to the heart of the matter quickly.
  • highly skilled at showing you how to detangle tricky emotional, mental and spiritual concerns.
  • a natural problem solver and excel in guidance involving making right and perfect major life decisions.
  • great at creating a safe, gentle, balanced environment for doing transformational work.
  • able to explain spiritual principles in grounded, practical ways.
  • intense, and intensely interested. I’ve been told I am uber-present. Some people find this uncomfortable at first as I will be able to see the real you, and the real you is likely a lot more amazing than you realize. We want to celebrate this fact!
  • great at helping clients figure out what is theirs and what is not theirs in interpersonal relationships. I enjoy assisting with weight issues, co-dependency, boundary issues, life-purpose questions, life transitions, divorces, attracting your soul mate, work related issues, power dynamics, and of course, all spiritual concerns. I mostly work with adults but occasionally work with spiritually gifted teens.
  • direct and clear. Gentle and safe. Care about giving you a great session, and I hope you will be as present and interested in your own spiritual growth as I am.
  • living a balanced, healthy life and enjoying a happy, stable marriage since 1994.
  • a health food nut and would rather go to a health food store than a museum.
  • an animal lover. I grew up on a farm in Wooster, Ohio.