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Julie Matheson


Two important questions are:

(1) how much a practitioner like me charges for a session
(2) what can you expect to get for the fee

The short answer is that I charge $125 for a one-hour session. Unfortunately, I do not accept insurance.

The longer answer:
A few years ago (when I charged $100/session), I saw a gentleman who almost didn’t work with me because he said my price was too high. I explained to him that other coaches who do similar specialty clearing work charge $250 or more. I also told him that clients have consistently told me they felt they accomplished more in one session with me than they have been able to do in an entire year of traditional therapy. So we worked together, and he had what turned out to be a life-changing session, and not that I expect you to do this, but guess what? He paid me double.

These kinds of experiences, and also seeing so many energy practitioners myself over the years, has led to my philosophy on pricing: Offer consistently good work and keep your prices fair and affordable.

It is very important that a practitioner and the client have a symmetric and healthy “give – receive” dynamic. The client needs to feel that the healing work received was well worth the fee, and practitioners need to feel fairly paid so that they can give their full energy and attention to their clients each and every session.

As to in-person versus phone sessions, please know that I love to do this work in person or over the phone and have found the work is equally effective either way. And so the charge is the same for phone sessions as it is for in-person sessions.

How often we should work together depends on what is currently going on in your life. Generally speaking, clients tend to see me about every other week, but some will see me once a month and others will schedule a session every week for those times they are sorting through something huge. This normally works itself out naturally as we work together.

Most importantly, please know that I will do all that I can to offer you a safe, gentle and appropriately challenging session. The goal is for you to leave feeling you have accomplished something real, tangible and lasting. Part of this, of course, depends on where you are in your personal work, and how quickly you can integrate our work together. I can only do my part. The rest is up to you.