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Julie Matheson

Things Julie Loves

To enhance your Lotus Flower Living Journaling Practice

Magnifiscents Incense by Shoyeido
Particularly the fragrance Joy but any of the scents in the Angelic Series work well with writing. (Peace, Love, and Inspiration are all effective fragrances)

Tazo Zen Tea
It doesn’t take much to give you a steady, light-hearted focus for writing.

If green tea isn’t your thing, you might try L-theanine supplements. L-theanine is an amino acid and is a component of green tea that offers a relaxed, focused mind without making you sleepy.

Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer Tea
I’ve had so many positive experiences with this tea I serve it to my in-person clients when they come for a session. You’ll barely be halfway through your first cup when you find a solution to something you’ve been pondering. It helps you think clearly.

Organic India Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea
This one is a heart opener. Perfect for seeing yourself and others in a positive light.

The Art of Mandala Meditation: Mandala Designs to Heal Your Mind, Body & Spirit
This book is pure magic. Choose a mandala to look at while you write. I like to put my book on a bookstand in front of my journal so when I glace up I get transported to a higher place.

Pure Synergy Superfood by The Synergy Company
This comes in capsule or powder form (I prefer the powder). It may give you a sense of nourished wellbeing to help you digest ideas on many levels at once. I also use their Pure Radiance C.

The MELT Method balls and roller for hands, feet, neck, shoulders, back, hips and legs.
I especially suggest the hand and foot kit. We do a lot of writing by hand with this journaling process so it helps to keep hands and fingers limber with MELT balls. You’ll notice your face, neck and shoulders relax as a result of MELTing just your hands. Then you can write peacefully for hours. To find classes and MELT products go to

GoodLight Natural Tea Light Candles
No journaling process is complete without a candle. These candles are non-toxic, unscented, clean burning and eco-friendly. They will not leave a dark soot spot on your ceiling. They have about a 3.5-hour burn time.