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Julie Matheson

7 Days of Meditations and Journaling Prompts

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To ease you into the spiritual practices of Lotus Flower Living, I have created 7 days of meditations with journaling prompts to encourage you to write. I’ve also included a bonus invitation voice memo with writing prompt to inspire you to reach out for support, and to identify what kind of support you seek, if that’s what serves you best right now.

Each voice message is about 5-10 minutes long. You may listen to all 7 today or you can listen to one a day for the next 7 days, or whenever they call to you. Please bookmark this page for future listening.

Lotus Flower Living is about conscious living and conscious thinking. It is a spiritual practice of sorting through tangled emotions to get the untrue thoughts we tell ourselves to reveal themselves so we can find our true expression.

Lotus Flower Living is me showing you a repeatable writing practice you can count on to reorganize your emotions and to clear out old thought patterns in effective, lasting ways.

The 7 writing prompts here are topics we might talk about before we begin a session to set the stage for our best work together.

Find a comfy spot with pen and paper (and candle and incense) and if all you do is listen, that is, of course, fine. All the better though if you feel called to write down the thoughts you think, because how can we know what we tell ourselves if the thoughts happen so fast and all we are left with are emotions?

It helps to write it all down in a solid place in a solid way so you can evaluate it.

Writing moves energy. Writing changes things. Writing makes us aware.

Once we know our thoughts, we can change the ones we need to change and celebrate the ones that work. Consciously.

Welcome. I’m glad you are here.

Julie Matheson - Lotus Flower Living