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Julie Matheson

Julie’s Message

Julie MathesonMission: To offer timeless, deeply healing, soul-honoring processes to help clients identify, claim, experience and maintain new, tangible levels of emotional peace and freedom.

One of the first principles I ever learned is that things are not always as they seem. There is more to life than meets the eye, and beneath all appearances there is a deeper reason for what we are experiencing.  I do not have a prove-it-to-me attitude.  I have an I-wonder-what-is-really-going-on-here attitude.  I often ask, “What is the heart of the matter and what is the most effective way to address this?”

People have said to me, “I could never do your job.” My response is that I love doing this.  When someone makes the choice to show up to him or herself in this most honest and intimate way, I am honored to be a part of it. I believe we make peace with ourselves by giving ourselves what we need most: our full attention on the issues that bother us the most, those repeat patterns that call to us over and over again urging us to find another way.

In the beginning, my work was focused on the art of affirmative prayer, which is exactly what it sounds like: praying in the affirmative, claiming something in the here and now as though it already exists, based on the premise that matter follows thought.  I helped clients identify what they wanted to have, be and experience.  We played with the idea of possibility.  I taught that there are limitless possibilities, demonstrating how to tap into that and how to co-create with Life.  The glitch was/is that saying affirmations, visualizing and doing prayer work without doing the deeper balancing work didn’t always bring about the experience my clients were wanting.  As soon as they spoke their words of affirmation- for example, “I am smart, powerful, abundant, fully expressed, etc.” -voices within would argue against their intention and invalidate it.

Prayer and positive thinking are powerful ways to move energy, but because Life operates with the agreement to honor our freewill choice of experience, whatever frequency of patterns we show up with, Life must match energy to energy, pattern to pattern.  This is the agreement.  To change our experience we need to change our patterns of thinking, believing and behaving, not only on the conscious level but on the subconscious levels as well.  As we do this, when Life says (as it always does), “I love you and yes” it is saying yes to patterns of belief that bring back to us experiences that feel satisfying, harmonious and balanced.

So then I began using the prayer and intention work to help illuminate the deeper issues on purpose, setting goals with the intention that it would “kick up” the hidden agenda and the negative voices so we could see them and deal with them head on.  That was when I began doing the deeper balancing work, incorporating my understanding of how shock and trauma freeze beliefs in place, how our personalities have built-in challenges we are meant to discover and balance, and how the inner child can lead us back to key decisions we made about ourselves.  I began using the chakra system, the Enneagram and mind-body frameworks to guide and set parameters where by each issue we addressed had a beginning, middle and end to contain the issue energetically in a way that allowed us to experience a noticeable shift in one sit-down session. This type of clearing is possible because in session we approach it as though each issue is its own container of energy:

We identify what isn’t working well.
We find a goal that is the highest truth we can imagine for the situation.
We identify everything we can name that informs it.

Our goal is to bring as many aspects of the issue to your conscious awareness as possible so we can free the energy, balance the energy or in some cases just reorganize that energy. Thoughts and feelings point to held energy on the emotional, mental and physical levels. Issues linger until we address them and thwart our purest intentions.  Sometimes a situation will seem to get worse to get our attention.

Rewiring Angel - Lotus Flower LivingThose of us who are into angelic consciousness are taught that there is a being called the Rewiring Angel.  When this angel is invoked, which sometimes happens naturally at the Soul level, we are assisted in rewiring, so to speak, our emotional and mental wiring.  This may be felt merely as an attitude adjustment or as an “ah-ha” moment but what’s really happening is that we are being assisted with our emotional and mental circuitry.  This can also be done consciously with the work that I will introduce to you.  You can co-create your own wake-up calls and ah-ha moments by writing things down in a way that brings surprising clarity.

The overall goal of our work together is to help bring your mind and heart back to it’s purest state so that when you go out into the world to interact with others you are doing so from the purest place of peace and balance.  This purity translates to your actions, which reflect back satisfying experiences to you.

Many people are now figuring out how to co-create with Life.  This is a very empowering practice, but unless we do the hard work of evaluating what’s in our minds and hearts, our actions won’t come from the most harmonious place, so we end up being powerful people who are aren’t fully coming from balanced hearts. When we each show up to ourselves with the sincere intention of taming our inner conflicts, we understand ourselves, forgive ourselves, and are more apt to come from a “highest and best for all” place with our co-creations. This is what we want to do.

Our individual words and actions are important. We influence and impact one another more than we realize. Whenever one of us chooses to heal any part of ourselves, there is a ripple effect.  People in our lives feel it. That’s why doing this type of therapy is the most unselfish thing you will ever do.

I want you to know:

You have a reciprocal relationship with the creative aspect of Life and are always co-creating with Life whether you are aware of it or not.

You have immense value as a human being.  You have a right to ask for what you want and need.

Julie Matheson - Lotus Flower LivingBig Sur, CA, April 2008
photo ©David Dilworth

I want you to have:

The tools for discovering and playing with your co-creative relationship with Life.

The understanding of how this relationship works.

The ability to recognize and receive the good you’ve asked for when it shows up.

There is an on-going giving/receiving relationship between what we typically experience and us. As we fine-tune what we bring to our interactions, our interactions shift dramatically.  You could say that this way of thinking is being more responsible for our actions, but it’s more than that.  As we understand our relationship with Life and how that relationship works, we naturally shift how we approach it. We end up wanting to take a more proactive role in how things go. 

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